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Five reasons why a waterlodge makes a brilliant investment opportunity

Attracting new and existing customers to your holiday park or marina can often be a challenge. Now that holidaymakers are beginning to travel abroad since the loosening of Covid-19 rules, competition could be heating up. However, continued airport chaos and a degree of caution when booking overseas has led many people to still favour a staycation and want to continue to explore the varied options available to them here in the UK. Generating interest by broadening your offering with a luxury Waterlodge floating apartment could be a superb investment opportunity and help your holiday park or marina stand out from the rest.

Five reasons to choose a Waterlodge 


1. Attract new customers with stylish accommodation

A brand new, stylish floating apartment installed at your holiday park or marina will undoubtedly generate interest and attract new customers. Even if you have run out of land space but have an available lake or waterway then Waterlodges are a great solution to expand your offering for accommodation.

Our modern Waterlodges look fantastic in all surroundings and come in six different sizes. They are also fully accessible, which means that people of all ages and abilities can enjoy a luxurious stay, on the water.

2. Our strong brand name is yours to leverage

We work hard to invest in the Waterlodge brand name, increasing awareness and maintaining the high standards our customers have come to expect. We have a dedicated team to support the marketing and promotion of our product in your holiday park or marina.

The Waterlodge brand is well-known in the marine and holiday park industry. The product is high quality and highly renowned amongst existing Waterlodge customers and the brand is only set to grow.

3. Low running and maintenance costs

You’ll benefit from low running costs as the central heating and hot water systems are of the latest Energy A+++ rating. Take advantage of low maintenance costs, as our Waterlodges are built with superior materials, and we use only the best suppliers. For example, the plastic polyethylene hulls are UV-stable and impervious to water, keeping them working well and looking great for years to come! Additional options are available for salt-water/ marine environments.

4. Future-proof options to resell

There is always an option to resell Waterlodge units from your holiday park or marina. Because Waterlodges are designed with longevity and versatility in mind, they will retain their quality and contemporary appearance and remain attractive to a broad variety of buyers. Our units continue to retain their resale value well, whether you buy them with the intention to resell immediately or if you decide to sell them after using them as a holiday let.

5. A choice of business finance options

We offer a choice of finance options as we understand that each business is unique. We will help you find the package that’s best for you depending on your specific needs.

Find more information about our different models of floating apartments here or contact us for a chat about how Waterlodge can bring a new angle to your business.