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Manufacturing Information

Every Waterlodge is hand-built to order by the largest houseboat manufacturer in Europe, with production capacity of 70 boats per year currently.

The construction process starts with a hot-dipped galvanised steel framework, which is mounted on two or sometimes three roto-moulded plastic polyethylene hulls which have individual compartments.

Most compartments are filled with a closed-cell injected foam to prevent water ingress, even in the unlikely event of being damaged. Some compartments are used for fresh and black water tanks, and optionally for storage. From a longevity point of view, the lifetime of the plastic stretches into decades as they are UV-stable, and impervious to water.

There is no requirement for any maintenance or painting if the boat is to be used as a static home, and as marine life attaches itself you will be creating your own little environmental oasis!

Mounted on the steel framework is a pressure-treated wooden frame to form the building, which is clad in construction-standard PVC cladding, which is designed for buildings and again has a very long service life.

External deck fittings are of high quality stainless steel, and for salt water environments this can be upgraded to Marine grade 316 stainless. The external decking itself is of tannalised softwood decking, with the option at no extra charge to specify plastic planking for even lower maintenance.

All walls, floor and roof are insulated with high-spec materials of either 5cm or optionally 7.5m thick, providing thermal insulation all year round. Internal flooring is a high grade vinyl, and underfloor heating is optional.

The central heating and hot water systems are of the very latest Energy A+++ rating for low running costs.

The roof is protected by an epoxy coating for durable waterproofing, and this is good for at least 10 years before the coating may need to be refreshed.

All internal fixtures and fittings are of a high standard, with UK plug sockets, and a kitchen by IKEA™, making it easy to add to or one day maybe replace.

The whole product is designed with longevity, low maintenance requirements and low running costs in mind. Ongoing maintenance is limited to cleaning, and annual hot water and central heating servicing as with any property.

Waterlodges will continue to look good and be a proud asset to their owners for many years to come, protecting your investment.