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Waterside living in picturesque Buckden Marina

Cambridgeshire is well known for its rivers and water sport activities – and the Buckden Marina is in keeping with the county’s rich aquatic history. If your ideal Waterlodge location is a picturesque marina within close distance of a number of historic British towns, then the Buckden Marina is perfect for you.

Life in Buckden Marina  

After deciding which of our Waterlodges is perfect for you and your family, the next crucial decision is where you want to be located. Our locations offer a variety of different activities and options, meaning you’ll never have to compromise how you see your new life on water.

Buckden Marina boasts excellent facilities, including a leisure club, bar and restaurant and swimming pool, meaning you’ll never have to stray far from your new floating home! This is a perfect set for anyone looking to escape a busy, stressful life, for a more relaxed way of living, or build new relationships in a peaceful water community. Situated in Cambridgeshire, you’ll be well placed to enjoy the county’s rolling countryside on weekends, or take a short drive into the town centre to explore its vast offering of independent shops.

If you’re not quite ready to give up the hustle and bustle of city life, the Marina offers the perfect balance of being able to escape to the countryside at the weekends, or return to London on weekdays in just an hour.

Not yet convinced? Here are some of our favourite things to do near to Buckden Marina:

Buckden Towers  

Explore the history of Buckden Towers, where you can step back in time and enjoy a stroll through its medieval grounds.

Cambridge Botanic Garden

If you’re a fan of horticulture, Cambridge’s Botanic Garden will be perfect for you! Discover unique flowers with fun and activities for every age.

Punt down the river

You can’t be in Cambridge without  trying a traditional punt down the river — and the best news is you can leave straight from the Marina!

Visit Cambridge University

Cambridge University is one (if not the) most famous landmarks in the historic town. The University’s buildings are rich with culture, so why not give them a study?

Hire a bike  

One of the best parts about Cambridge’s city centre is that it’s mostly flat, making it perfect for cycling. If you want to see a lot of the town in one go – or split your adventure into a number of scenic routes, why not hire a bike and get about on wheels for the day?

The Fitzwilliam Museum

Discover a wealth of world class paintings and historical artefacts in the Fitzwilliam Museum’s collection.

Cambridge Junction  

If music is your thing, then you’ll love the Cambridge Junction, where you can attend gigs with up-and-coming musicians.

Nature trails  

You don’t need to stray far from your Waterlodge for a refreshing day out — Buckden Marina is situated by some outstanding walks. There are options for every type of person, whether you’re a novice walker or a well-versed hiker!

Visit some of Cambridge’s independent shops  

Cambridge is in no short supply of independent shops and cafes. If you’re looking for new food or clothes that you can’t find on the typical high street, you won’t be disappointed by a trip into the city centre.

Have a picnic

Cambridge is rich with green space, making it perfect for getting the family together, packing a picnic and soaking up some vitamin D.

If you want to make your dream of living on the water come true, either in Buckden Marina or one of our seven other outstanding locations, what are you waiting for? Find out more about our different Waterlodge models here or contact us for more information or for an informal chat.