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Why Waterlodge is the perfect summer staycation choice

Many of us just cannot wait to have a break away this summer and the UK is still proving to be popular destination. Although some people have already pre-booked to avoid disappointment, some of us like to leave it later to choose the perfect summer break. And a Waterlodge may offer just the perfect combination of exploration and relaxation that you need to create your memories. 

Avoid the uncertainty and chaos of overseas travel by staying in the UK 

The uncertainty of the past couple of years and the continued changes to travel guidelines surrounding Covid-19, are still causing uncertainty to peoples travel arrangements. Those with teens might also be navigating the vaccination timings of 12-year-olds. Travelling by ferry has also been disrupted of late with the PO ferry debacle, so no wonder people are avoiding overseas travel to ensure their holiday happens without a hitch.

Rising costs of going abroad holidaying in the UK

The rising cost of living in recent months and the concern of utility bills soaring this coming winter, have led to people re-evaluating where they travel this summer. Waterlodge floating apartments are designed with low living costs and minimal maintenance in mind. So, owning your own luxury Waterlodge to visit throughout the year, or renting one for a vacation makes an appealing choice.

Environmental implications of flying

For those of us who are concerned about our carbon footprint, not travelling thousands of miles is high up on the agenda. Our Waterlodges are extremely efficient in energy use and are built to ensure you don’t need to use much energy whilst staying in them. So, you can be reassured that are having a more environmentally friendly stay.

A chance to explore the UK with a Waterlodge

Explore new areas of the UK you may not have visited with a Waterlodge staycation. Based in several beautiful locations around the UK, you’ll have the perfect environment for a memorable holiday. These locations offer a perfect getaway by the water to unwind and relax, and a great base to explore further afield. Once you have experienced the Waterlodge way of life, you might find you’ll be coming back for more.

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