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5 things you didn’t know about our floating apartments

At Waterlodge, we’re more than accustomed to the floating apartment life, as it’s what we’re passionate about. That makes it easy to forget that many people don’t know about the best features that come with living on the water. So, we’ve pulled together five little known things that you might be surprised to learn about our bespoke floating homes.

1 – Floating homes that look good in any location

Waterlodge sells a range of contemporary floating homes, built with the highest quality fittings and a stylish flair. They’re designed to look good in any location – as long as there’s enough water to float, of course! Our custom, multi-purpose design means that a Waterlodge can work as a city-centre studio flat, a family home, or a luxury retirement abode.

2 – Bespoke-built floating apartments

Every Waterlodge is hand-built for our customers to order by the largest houseboat manufacturer in Europe, which currently operates with a production capacity of 120 boats per year. Construction begins with a hot-dipped galvanised steel framework, which is then mounted onto two or three roto-moulded plastic polythene hulls, ensuring that every Waterlodge is built to last.

3 – Living on the water with minimal maintenance

If our clients are looking to have their Waterlodge as a static home, there is virtually no requirement for any maintenance or painting. Constructed with resources impervious to water, the external tannalised softwood decking and composite architectural cladding mean you can relax and enjoy the space.

 4 – Expert insulation keeps your Waterlodge toasty warm

Many envision life on the water as huddling under a mountain of blankets to keep the sea breeze at bay. Our floating apartments allow you to throw those preconceptions aside. With generous thermal insulation, double glazed windows, and a state-of-the-art gas or electric central heating system, you can rest assured knowing your floating home will be comfortable all year round, whatever the weather.

5 – A future-proof floating home

The durable exterior of our Waterlodges has a lifetime that stretches into decades, remaining UV stable and impervious to water. The pressure-treated wooden frame mounted on steel framework also boasts a long service guarantee, protected by construction standard PVC cladding that will keep your home safe for years to come.

If you want to make your dream of living on the water come true, we have the answer. Find out more about our different models here or contact us for more information or for an informal chat.