Behind the scenes of our latest shoot at Brighton Marina

As we walked down to the coveted Waterlodge Village, Brighton Marina, smiles spread across everybody’s faces. After all, there are few better places to be on a hot July day than by the sea! But, instead of the coast’s usual sore feet and sea water, we were about to board the Waterlodge Six…

This much-anticipated, spacious new addition to the Brighton Marina Waterlodge community is bigger and better than ever, with luxury finishes and a few more feet of WOW!  Here is an account of the Waterlodge team’s day in the sun aboard the Waterlodge Six.

Brighton Marina, village life

Brighton Marina is already home to over 20 Waterlodges, of every range and size. The marina itself offers al fresco dining by the waterside and a buzzing bar scene, with plenty of amenities right on its doorstep. Brighton as a city is unrivalled in its colourful cosmopolitan vibe with ample shops, restaurants and clubs to visit. In addition to the many man-made attractions, Brighton Beach boasts certified Blue Flag waters and a 4-mile promenade, which is vibrant and lively throughout the year.

As we arrived at Brighton Marina, the first thing we noticed – other than the stunning rows of Waterlodges and the turquoise water below – were the friendly faces popping out to say hello! The Waterlodge residents enjoy a close community, and we were instantly welcomed.

Taking our first steps aboard the Waterlodge Six was pure glee; it certainly delivers on its promise of unrivalled luxury for a life on water! Light and airy, the floating apartment was a welcome respite from the thirty-degree sun. As a refreshing sea-breeze flowed through the whole unit, it soon became clear that this marked a new level of waterside property lifestyle – which everyone was keen to explore!

As we unpacked, the photographers and videographers marvelled at the space and high-quality design, agreeing that we have had worse days ‘at the office’! Smugness aside (but smiles still firmly in place), we set to work; equipment was assembled and the picture-perfect plan was set in motion.

Ready, set, shoot

First up was the product tour video and, whilst moving around the Waterlodge Six, you can see that every finish and detail has been meticulously considered. All of our customers have the option to configure their floating apartment to their exact requirements (although it seemed this one was perfect for us!)

As our lovely model family arrived, the two children were impressed at their floating home for the day. Having just finished school for the summer, they were full of energy and eager to check-out the roof terrace, running off to get a better view of the marina around them.

Amongst the masts, sails and beautiful sunshine, everyone settled into the Waterlodge lifestyle with ease! Even though we had a full film crew on board, the space was plentiful. But it was soon apparent there was a preferred area, as those who were not needed for a shot were always found gravitating towards the beautiful terrace at the back of the floating apartment!

Soon enough it was time for the drone to take flight, which needed careful operation and control to avoid any masts above. Luckily, we had the experts on hand! This let us capture some golden footage, returning with images that looked more like Cote d’Azur than the south-coast of Britain!

To show the Waterlodge Six from another angle, the team jumped into a rib-boat that had been kindly loaned from our friendly next-berth neighbour. The water was exceptionally clear and calm, and full of tiny fish – and the low, wide shots from this angle gave us another chance to admire the workmanship of the unit.

A reluctant return to land

By the time we got to setting up the ‘story-time’ shoot with the kids they were genuinely ready for bed!  A busy day filming had taken it out of us all, but there was still time to raise a glass of prosecco towards the pink sky. Finally reclining on the terrace as the day drew to a close, with a stunning sunset in the distance and a gentle breeze surrounding us, the glasses clinked as we chatted for a few minutes, taking in the view and revelling in a good day’s work!

With our task complete, we reluctantly left the Waterlodge Village, where the luxury floating apartments still sat serenely in their berths, as the resident swans circled the water. The peaceful mood stayed with me all the way home – and I’m sure the rest of the crew travelled back with the same sense of calm contentment that a day on a Waterlodge brings…

If working on a Waterlodge is that enjoyable imagine what a leisurely weekend would feel like!

If you want to make your dream of living on the water come true, we have the answer. Find out more about our different models here or contact us for more information or for an informal chat.

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