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Behind the scenes of our new video

They say a picture paints a thousand words, but what about a video? We could talk about our luxury floating apartments all day, but we know that to truly understand their design, elegance and beauty, you have to see them. That’s why we’re thrilled to present our new video, which highlights exactly what our Waterlodges are actually like – and what your new life on the water could be if you chose to purchase one.

Making the video

We wanted to ensure that our video gave the viewer the best picture of what our Waterlodges are like to be in. We also wanted to showcase the growing number of outstanding locations that they’re now available. To do this, we gave our actors free reign to enjoy some of the amazing facilities that the Waterlodges have to offer, such as their light and airy spaces, open-top entertainment areas and the ability to enjoy the water sports that are available in their location.

Shooting during the coronavirus restrictions, we were also mindful to abide by the government’s latest regulations for filming, ensuring that we maintained a COVID-secure workplace by minimising the contact between the actors and the production crew. We also made sure that there was a steady flow of air and provided the necessary protective equipment, such as hand sanitiser and masks, where required.

Showcasing Waterlodge Three in Birdham Pool Marina

We chose to shoot the video in Birdham Pool Marina because of its outstanding natural beauty and the tranquillity that engulfs it. The Marina is believed to be one of England’s oldest and, as such, is home to a rich history that’s now complemented by contemporary features and facilities.

Featured in the video is the Waterlodge Three, which boasts 32 sq m of internal living space, including large bedrooms, a utility room and a huge outdoor space that’s perfect for entertaining guests. The Waterlodge Three is available with up to three bedrooms, making it a great floating home for families. And, if additional rooms for visitors isn’t your thing, why not turn one of those spare rooms into a sauna?

If you’re looking for a place for you and the family to escape to on the weekends, then the Waterlodge Three could be perfect for you, with its maximum sleeping capacity of eight people. If sipping a Sauvignon Blanc on the roof terrace of a floating apartment sounds ideal, you may have just found your dream match!

The aim of the video

In the video, we wanted to showcase the lifestyle possible with a Waterlodge. Our couple can be seen playing boardgames beside the waterside, enjoying a leisurely breakfast in bed and even working remotely from their floating apartment. With the changes that have taken place in respect to the way we work following the coronavirus pandemic, we’re seeing a shift in city workers who are looking to escape their fast-paced lives with the ability to connect remotely from our luxury water homes with ease.

The video also highlights the benefits of Birdham Pool Marina as a location for your Waterlodge, as the couple can be seen talking to a paddle boarder – a popular pastime for dwellers of the Marina – as well as unwinding through yoga on the rooftop.

Find out more about our different models here or contact us for more information on how we can make your dream of a luxury, affordable life on the water, a reality.