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Yes, depending on where your Waterlodge is moored.

If you would like to have the option to rent out your Waterlodge it is vital that you check with the mooring locations rules regarding holiday lets.

The Waterlodge is designed with longevity in mind.

All of the materials we have selected for the Waterlodge are designed to last. The roof is protected by an EPDM membrane material for durable waterproofing, and this is good for at least 25 years. The internal fixtures and fittings are of a high standard, with UK plug sockets, and IKEA™ kitchens, making it easy to add to, or one day maybe replace.

The Waterlodge is a durable product, built to withstand the challenges of living on water.

Unlike a traditional boat the Waterlodge requires minimal maintenance,

limited to cleaning, and annual hot water and central heating servicing as with any property. Waterlodges will continue to look good and be a proud asset to their owners for many years to come, adding to interest to your property portfolio and protecting your investment.

Since the start of the business in 2019, few Owners have decided to sell their pride and joy, but we are proud to record that of those who have resold, every one has changed hands at a higher price than was paid by their original owners, making Waterlodges a very solid investment.

The Waterlodge is designed to be energy efficient and low cost to run.

Every material we have used is highly efficient. All walls, floor and roof are insulated with high-spec materials of either 5cm or optionally 7.5m thick, providing thermal insulation all year round. The internal flooring is a high-grade vinyl, and underfloor heating is optional. Windows are all double-glazed, with a UV thermal coating on both sides to reflect heat, and also provide a degree of privacy. Optionally you can choose triple glazing and even more insulation. Solar panels and battery storage can make the most of available sunlight to store the power they generate until you are ready to use it, and can dramatically lower your bills, especially over the summer.

The central heating and hot water systems are of the very latest Energy A+++ rating for low running costs. The Waterlodge offers an alternative, sustainable living solution

Yes, the Waterlodge can be fully insured.

See our Insurance providers for competitive insurance on our luxury floating apartments and source cover to suit your individual needs.

No more maintenance needed than a bricks and mortar house would require!

The Waterlodge has been designed to be low maintenance and low in running costs. The specially selected materials are built to withstand life on the water and.

We have lots of options available to help finance your Waterlodge, please see our finance options or get in touch with the team to discuss further.


You will not need any boating experience to enjoy the Waterlodge lifestyle.


We offer off-grid packages to help you live a more sustainable lifestyle, on water! Get in touch with our team to find out more about these specialised packages.

Yes, subject to mooring location and regulations.

This is dependent on where you choose to moor your Waterlodge. You will need to check with the marina/park/lake owner to confirm the regulations for your chosen location.

Get in touch if you would like help finding your perfect Waterlodge location.

Too many to list!

Each Waterlodge model has a huge range of optional extras, ensuring your floating home has character and style suited to you. See our Model Detail pages for more information.

Very stable, virtually unsinkable!

Our Waterlodge range has been created with over forty years of marine experience. The structure is supported by twin catamaran hulls. There will be some slight movement, but you will be surprised at how safe and stable you will feel when aboard a Waterlodge

With brilliant design and the best materials.

The roto-moulded plastic polyethylene hulls have individual compartments which are filled with a closed-cell injected foam to prevent water ingress, even in the unlikely event of being damaged. From a longevity point of view, the lifetime of the plastic stretches into decades as they are UV-stable and impervious to water.

Anywhere there’s enough water to float!

Take your pick! Britain has literally hundreds of fashionable marinas and hidden-gem harbours along over 7,000 miles of coastline as well as nearly 2,000 miles of inland waterways and rivers. As if that’s not enough, there are also city moorings and lakes to choose from!

Our team can help you find the perfect location for your Waterlodge.

We have a huge range of finishes to choose from. Our fixtures and fittings are fully customisable, so whether you are going for light and airy, luxe, or minimalist chic is more your style, we can build a Waterlodge to suit you.

Most of our Waterlodge models can be configured to add or remove bedrooms to fit your exact requirements. Get in touch to discuss all of the options available.

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