How we delivered two Waterlodges to a Marina on the Isle of Wight

We often get asked how we transport our Waterlodges to their owners. Simply, by truck overland or by water. It really does depend on the location and access. Having recently delivered two Waterlodges to Yarmouth Harbour, we thought we’d share how we did it. Read on to find out more about the logistics behind the very exciting delivery days.

Bringing Waterlodge living to Yarmouth

As we are based in Lymington, the easiest way to get to the Isle of Wight is by water. Suitable weather is a must when delivering a Waterlodge so we waited for the wind to calm down and for the sea conditions to be more suitable before we started the move. Once we felt the weather was right, we were off! The distance from Lymington to Yarmouth Harbour was about three miles and we were travelling at about 4-5 knots, so the total trip took about 40 minutes for each boat.

Normally permission from the Yarmouth Harbourmaster would be needed but as he was the client, we were set to go. It took five of us to transport the Waterlodges, one to drive the RIB, two handling lines on the Waterlodge and two in the support boat (plus our lovely film crew!).

Ensuring quality installation for our clients

Once we had arrived, the hooking up and commissioning took about half a day. This involved us setting up the roof railings, which were packaged flat to keep the height down for transportation, filling the water tank and connecting the Waterlodge to the electrics. Before handing our boats over to the customer, we do thorough checks of the systems and correct any snagging.

What happens if we deliver a Waterlodge overland?

For overland deliveries, a truck will transport the Waterlodge from our design team in Poland to a UK destination. This takes approximately 4-5 days as wide loads are only allowed to travel at night in Europe, and during the day in the UK! If it’s to be delivered to a new and unknown location, we always carry out a site visit beforehand to make sure access is possible for a very large truck and crane. If we are delivering a preloved or in stock  Waterlodge, then delivery will be by truck from its starting location in the UK.

A very happy customer!

Louisa Mamakou, Marketing and Communications Officer, at Yarmouth Harbour, comments on the delivery of the two Waterlodges.

“We were very excited to receive our Waterlodges and we will be placing them in the harbour. We are promoting them as self-catering accommodation to visiting seafarers and all visitors coming to Yarmouth. We are hoping this creates new income streams to benefit the harbour while offering tourists a unique way to stay by the water.”

Are you looking for new ways to grow interest and increase capacity in your Marina? If so, why not contact us, we’d love to chat with you.

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