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We got our first ever Waterlodge model!

What is the second-best thing to a Waterlodge itself? That’s right… a model of it! We enlisted the help of the talented Scale Model Makers to make a scale model of our Waterlodge six and we couldn’t be happier with the results! So, if you had trouble picturing what a Waterlodge looks like or whether how our Waterlodge might look in your holiday park, you won’t when you take a look at our model!

How it was made

The scale model was crafted at 1:5 scale, to allow for a very high resolution of detail as it was crucial for the model to be as realistic as possible. Scale Model Makers  used a palette of timbers and real metal materials to model the architecture and used stained blue timber to create the water. The interior furniture was created from bespoke 3D printing, say goodbye to flat two-dimensional blue print and hello to a 3D illustration that looks like a miniature reality!

Bringing the Waterlodge Six to life

By taking a look at this model you are really able to visualise whether the Waterlodge Six would be right for your holiday park. It allows you to envision the layout of the floating home and whether that would work for the space you have, while also allowing you to really get a real feel of the product and how your customers could use the space.

We took the model to an exhibition

We recently went to the Holiday Park and Resort Innovation show and our model was a hit! It allowed Holiday Park owners to really understand our product and visualise what it would look like in their park. After the show the model will take pride of place in our new offices.

Scale Model Makers really did a great job of bring our Waterlodge Six to life, so if you are interested in seeing the model or a the real Waterlodge product, get in touch to arrange a meeting!

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