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Why the Waterlodge is the perfect investment in 2022

waterlodge at brighton marina

A Waterlodge is life on the water like you’ve never seen before. With no compromise on quality, a great return on investment potential, and the option to re-sell or rent out, this could be the perfect addition to your holiday park or marina. Read on to find all the reasons why!

Expert engineering

All Waterlodge models are hand-built to order and meet all UK and EU regulations. Each model can be customised and adapted to suit all needs from the layout to the furnishings inside. Over 40 years of marine and boating experience went into designing our floating apartments, so you can be sure you are investing in the best.

Something different for your customers

The Waterlodge offers your customers all the joy of life on water and the novelty factor is bound to attract new people to your holiday park. The product is enticing and new and allows you to increase capacity on otherwise unused water. The Waterlodge only needs a minimal amount of water to float and offers the benefits of less maintenance and more space than a traditional boat.

Eco and wallet friendly

With thermal insulation, double-glazed windows, and an ultramodern gas or electric central heating system, the impact on the environment is low, and so are running costs! The optional off-grid pack allows the boat to be self-sufficient, perfect to attract those eco-staycationers

Expand without extending

As our floating apartments are competitively priced (even more so with bulk ordering) you can expect a healthy return either by reselling or by renting to customers. Attract customers without boating experience and add intrigue and interest to your holiday park

Our Waterlodge models can sleep between four and eight people and range from 9-15m long. The generous outside space: sun decks and roof terraces, increase the leisure area for your customers when the weather is kind.

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