Tips for looking after your Waterlodge during Winter

Throughout the winter months, there are a few things that you could be checking out onboard your Waterlodge. Here we share some good housekeeping tips for you to help with the maintenance of your Waterlodge, such as checking your boilers and heating, underfloor heating and other important checks, that are great to carry out all year round. In following our advice, we hope you can make the most out of your life on the water during the colder weather.

Boilers and heating tips

For those boats fitted with the radiator-based heating system, this needs to be periodically checked to ensure that its working at maximum efficiency. If you would like to book this, please make a service request with us.

We advise that you keep the temperature on low throughout winter season to avoid frozen pipes or related issues. Ensure to keep condensation at bay by keeping the air inside the boat circulating.

Underfloor heating advice

We advise that you do not use decorative rugs on the floor, if you have underfloor heating, as this can trap heat where the heating mats are installed and cause the floor panels to shrink. This can be especially pronounced with doormats the black rubber backing can get quite hot. Placing doormats outside the doors on the deck, secured with staple or tacks, might be better.

As underfloor heating requires plenty of air space to avoid overheating the system, so if you have ottoman beds please refrain from overfilling and stuffing them full.

External cleaning and maintenance

Regularly wash down and buff railings to remove dirt and salt, and to avoid discoloration and rust buildup, especially if you are living in coastal regions, such as Brighton, as the salt and weather environment can be severe and very corrosive.

At Brighton Marina, Nicky’s Chandlery have a good selection of cleaning products available and Bright ‘n’ Clean Yacht Maintenance offer a regular washing service to Waterlodge owners once a month – they can also quote for deep cleaning of wooden decks, and treatments designed to bring up the natural colour and provide protection.

Regularly clean door locks and patio door vent covers

Regularly apply WD40 to any outside door locks with keys to prevent salt damage and sticking. The WD in WD40 means Water Displacement, so it’s designed to get rid of water which is where it shouldn’t be.

Patio door vent covers are essential in the lower frame of your patio door and so they need checking regularly to ensure any debris is removed. They cover the drain holes in the frame to prevent blockages which can cause leaks during heavy rain. If you need to purchase patio door frame vent covers, they can be purchased from the Waterlodge Shop.

Securing electrical cables and sockets safety

Always secure your mains power supply cables out of the sea water by using decent cable ties and using good general cable management on the dock. As Waterlodges are delivered with cables often longer than required, ask an electrician to shorten them to the required length so they can reach the pontoon socket without risk of them falling into the water or causing a hazard. If you would like us to provide a quote, then please raise a service request.

If you ever need to unplug your mains power cable from the shore power, before reconnecting to the socket it is a good idea to spray WD40 onto the plug to disperse any water droplets getting into the power supply.

Fresh water and waste maintenance

Keep an eye on the fresh water tank by checking that is doesn’t run dry, as this helps avoid any air getting into the pipes. If you ever have water pump issues, please switch off the pump and raise a service request.

Bacteria tablets should be used regularly in the main holding of the waste water tank and the head maintainer to be flushed down the toilet, weekly. This will help to ensure waste in your tank is broken down and smells are minimised. Find various options for bacteria tablets or solutions online by Marine Hygiene, Green Gobler and VETUS, and via our online shop.


We hope you find these winter maintenance tips useful, and don’t forget that you can head to our online shop to find all the products you need to keep your Waterlodge performing as it should and looking its best!

We are always here to help so if you do have any service or warranty requests, please use the Service Request Form – with an added option to add photos – as this comes directly into the team. For any other queries please contact us as we would love to help.

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