The benefits of a marina lifestyle

At Waterlodge, we’re passionate about the advantages of waterside living. However, not everyone knows the benefits of the marina lifestyle, and some of the positives that come with owning a Waterlodge might surprise you. Below, you can find some of the most compelling reasons to choose a marina location for your next home.

Unparalleled Views

Taking a break on a marina offers some of the most breath-taking views of any waterfront location. Taking a well deserved break in a floating luxury craft often provides an even better view than buying a brick-and-mortar property, and without the hefty price tag.

Incredible Wildlife

One of the many benefits of being on the water is the opportunity to observe fascinating aquatic wildlife species from the comfort of your sofa. Depending on your location, you could even find yourself marvelling at interesting bird species as you enjoy your morning coffee. For instance, our Waterlodge ‘village’ at Brighton Marina has resident swans that glide gracefully around the floating crafts.

Minimal Maintenance

One of the compromises you may be expected to make when choosing the marina lifestyle is that boats require a great deal of upkeep, but one of the best things about taking a break in our luxury crafts is that they are low-maintenance! The Waterlodge has been designed to be perfectly suited to their environment and requires minimal maintenance due to our use of durable materials and excellent workmanship. There is no need to worry about water damage in wet weather, or costly bills for upkeep. Even better, a modern, compact waterside craft takes a fraction of the time to clean when compared to a regular brick-and-mortar residence, so more time to take in the relaxed marina lifestyle.

Wonderful Communities

If you prefer to take a break somewhere with a strong sense of community spirit, a marina dwelling is hard to beat. People who choose to relax and unwind on the water often have interests and values in common. Many find that marinas are warm and welcoming places to live. Visiting a Waterlodge is a great opportunity to build lasting friendships and contribute to a thriving community of like-minded people.

Why Choose a Waterlodge?

Buying a contemporary Waterlodge is the ideal way to enjoy the benefits of the marina without the lifestyle compromises of living on a houseboat or the expense of owning a yacht! No sailing experience is necessary, just an appreciation for the beauty of life on water!

Every Waterlodge is custom-made by a specialist manufacturer using only the safest and most durable materials. This process allows you to personalize virtually any aspect of your new holiday home to your needs and preferences, including the number of rooms and fixtures. You can even add a sun deck or roof terrace to your Waterlodge to create a beautiful outdoor area.

Many people are surprised by the relative affordability of buying a luxury craft. Waterlodges generally come with lower associated costs than comparable brick-and-mortar properties, but with the advantage of experiencing a luxe marina lifestyle.

To start your journey today get in touch today to find out more about our range of luxury crafts and which marinas might suit you best!

If you want to make your dream of living on the water come true, we have the answer. Find out more about our different models here or contact us for more information or for an informal chat.

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